This State Of War

by Nerve End

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    Nerve End - This State Of War

    01 - Arsonist
    02 - This State Of War
    03 - Chains
    04 - Amnesia

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Joonas Kaselius: Vocals, Guitar
Lauri Mäntynen: Guitar

Produced & mixed by Joonas Kaselius
Additional engineerin by Lauri Mäntynen

Additional musicians: Enni Oinonen (oboe) Hessu Hakalisto (vocals)


released March 27, 2010



all rights reserved


Nerve End Joensuu, Finland

Vocals, guitar:
Joonas Kaselius

Lauri Mäntynen

Aki Jalkanen

Erno Sallinen

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Track Name: Arsonist

No pride at all
You've failed to inhale the day

Burning down the homes of my unwanted offspring
Fear of tears won't justify you falling into foolish pride

Flies lay me to sleep
Nurse me away
It died way too briefly
Cold hands decay

Deprive it all

Nausea swallows me

You told birds to
Fly by you
Track Name: This State Of War

Blind eyes turn
The disbeliever seeking savior

Liquid rebirth

You are inoculated for growing up to be a slave
To the world, to your feelings unheard

Bow down to
Only our scars reminding us,
how we learned to ignore
Your new god
It's not in my blood,
to accept this state of war

And if I want to know where this path will lead
Sirens sing

You are the keeper of way to clarity
You'll guide me

Through your dream
Find me
Finally free

Life skies burn
Underestimating death rejection

Dissolving ill fear
Will reappear as one you lost before

By every year you’ll go further down
These will be your last words
You will fall
Track Name: Chains

Sickness scaled
Injustice in love is the summit of affection

You'll pull me down again
I am the death receiver

Sustain the hope I gave

Independent need on denial
Reproduction – reward of the trial

Mercy, occult
Omen of end

Scars - prophecy amends
Your absence relates to my knowledge of connection

I'll be your next cure
as failed heart-bearer

Refrain the one in vain

Blind devotion - pseudo emotion
I feel like I'm pushed through the stencil of relation

Chain me with pain
I'll change when innocence repays
Track Name: Amnesia

Our internal bloodlines will unite
In disguise, you are

Feeding the black seed sown in enclosed heart

I don't feel a thing
Unspoken words slid right through

I lied to you
Drowning unawaken truth

Blood drops burning trails
Within your skin fear rewinds
Next demise, we are